I was born in Lisbon and grew up in Santarém, returned again to the capital where I finished secondary education and the architecture degree. I did Erasmus in Milan and lived 7 years in Barcelona until in 2016 when I finally returned to Lisbon and become a dad blessed with a family. Painting is today the greatest of many artistic passions. My career within the creative industries was very diverse. Today I do various types of work in the fields of graphic design, architecture, virtual three-dimensional models, 3D printing and textile stamping.

I work from photos and charge by canvas size and number of people portrayed. The painting is intuitive, but I receive all kinds of requests from customers so that I can deliver a work of art that fits your particular desires.
My aim is to create artistic objects that speak directly to the usufructuary, without the need for interpretation or verbal communication. My pictures are meant to mirror a moment that is special to someone caught by a spontaneous process with strokes of usually colorful acrylic paint.

To me each painting is always unknown until the moment it is finished. The motivation is the very process of discovery in each brushstroke, with each gesture. The portraits are characterized by an impulsivity with no apparent conscious reflection, and reveal an emerging style of the dynamics of the moment. Each picture is a constant search for the capture of the essential and unforeseen features of perceived reality, which, although apparently invisible, are always present.

The challenge of conquering immediate reality impulsively and spontaneously allows the viewer to feel palpably the movement built into the canvas. The painting develops without being planned or cultivated and without special care, emerging by itself. The composition of the work and the contours of color are not provoked but rather discovered, thus revealing flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Many thanks for your interest, kind regards,


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